I'm looking for a particular pattern, but I don't know it's title. Can you help?

Try typing what you remember about the piece into our Quick Search tool. If the design is of a dog, then type "dog" into the space. The search tool will pull all products that we have listed as having a dog in them. When using the search tool, try to limit the words that you type in. If you are looking for the dog design, you might have greater success by typing in "dog" than by typing "dogs" or "dog designs." If you still can't find what you are looking for, it might be discontinued; however, feel free to give our customer service staff a call at 1-800-526-5111 to find out for sure. We are constantly changing and developing our website, so if you can't find what you are looking for, please check back with us from time to time. Thank you!

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