#75489 Throws Worked in the Round

Page: 10 & 11 -- Colorful Twists & Turns


Rounds 19 and Rounds 20-21 are missing the first asterisk.

Rounds 22 and 26 are incorrect.

Rounds 23 and 25 are repeating the wrong round.


There should be an asterisk in Round 19 and Rounds 20-21 after the first "ch 3" and before "dc in each dc to next ch-1 space."

Rounds 22 and 26 should read "Join D with slip st in any ch-1 space, ch 2, working in back loops only, *hdc in each st to next ch-1 space, (hdc, ch 1, hdc) in ch-1 space; repeat from * 4 times more, hdc in each st to last ch-1 space, hdc in ch-1 space, ch 1; join with a slip st to top of beginning ch-2. Fasten off."

Rounds 23 and 25 will repeat Round 22, not Round 20.

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