Gooseberry Patch Primitive Country Quilts

Page: 2 -- Garden Path Quilt & Table Runner


Piecing The Quilt Top



Piecing the Quilt Top

Refer to Piecing and Pressing, page 21, and Quilt Top Diagram, page 5, while making project.

1. Add triangles to 1 side of 32 squares to make Unit 1. Press triangles to outside.

2. Add triangles to 2 adjacent sides of 4 squares to make Unit 2. Press triangles to outside.

3. Sew 7 squares and 2 Unit 2’s together to make Row 1. Repeat to make Row 11.

4. Sew 7 squares and 2 Unit 1’s together to make Row. Repeat to make Rows 2-10.

5. Sew Rows together

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